Attestation and Translation Services

Attestation and Translation Services
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Simplify Your UAE Transition: Expert Attestation and Translation Services Await

Are you looking for a job in UAE or are you planning to bring your spouse to UAE? The key thing is to have your certificate attested from the country of origin. For those who are not familiar with attestation procedures, the process may turn hectic and challenging. We undertake foreign document attestations and we ensure that your requirements are met with minimum cost and time. We also assist in authentication of personal and business documents from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA Attestation), Dubai Courts, Ministry of Justice, Dubai Chamber, Notary Public, and other government authorities. Visit our typing center in Dubai for comprehensive attestation services and make your transition to UAE seamless and stress-free.

Efficient Document Solutions: Dubai's Trusted Attestation & Translation Partner

Discover Arabian Business Centre, your trusted destination for streamlined attestation and translation services in Dubai. Our dedicated team is renowned for its efficiency and speed in delivering unparalleled solutions tailored to your specific requirements. With a commitment to accuracy and professionalism, we ensure your documents are processed swiftly, saving you valuable time and effort. Whether you need an attestation for legal purposes or precise translation services, rely on Arabian Business Centre to surpass your expectations with our unmatched expertise and dedication.

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  • Educational Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Death Certificate
  • Divorce Certificate
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Translated document
  • Commercial Documents (Notarized docs, MOA, POA, Board Resolution, Trade License, Affidavit, Audit Report, NOC)

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide attestation services for various documents, including educational certificates, marriage certificates, birth certificates, commercial documents, and more. Our team is experienced in handling various types of documents to meet your specific needs.

The duration of the attestation process depends on several factors, including the type of document, the country of issuance, and any specific requirements. Generally, our team strives to complete the attestation process efficiently and typically takes 3 working days for MOFA attestation.

Our translation services cover over 100 languages. With a team of skilled translators proficient in diverse languages, we guarantee precise and dependable translations, delivered within one business day.

We understand that some situations may require urgent attestation services. We offer expedited services to accommodate such requests, ensuring your documents are processed promptly while maintaining the highest standards of quality and accuracy.

At Arabian Business Centre, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Our team consists of experienced professionals dedicated to providing personalized services tailored to meet your specific needs. We prioritise accuracy, reliability, and timely delivery to ensure a seamless experience for our customers. With our expertise and attention to detail, you can trust us to handle your attestation and translation needs with precision and professionalism.

How It Works

Streamlining Government Services for Dubai Residents

Amer Sheikh Zayed Road has revolutionized the way Dubai residents interact with government departments, streamlining processes, and making transactions more convenient and efficient. As part of the UAE government’s drive for enhanced service delivery, We continue to play a crucial role in bringing greater efficiency and customer satisfaction to the forefront of governmental operations.

Smart Monitoring System

We utilize a sophisticated smart monitoring system that allows immigration officers to oversee all applications submitted. Any errors are promptly identified and authorities are immediately notified. This proactive approach has significantly reduced the percentage of errors, particularly in typing and translation.

Additional Assistance and Services

Apart from the specific services mentioned above, We also provide valuable assistance in filling out forms, document translation and attestation, PRO services, and guidance related to any documentation query. We serve both individuals and companies, further enhancing accessibility and convenience.

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