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The Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) is committed to transforming Dubai into a premier global commercial center, investment hub, and tourism destination. It aims to enhance the emirate’s economic and tourism competitiveness while attracting global talent. DET also advocates for Dubai to be the best city to live and work in, promoting its diverse offerings and exceptional quality of life. Additionally, DET oversees the business and tourism sectors, handling the licensing and classification of various businesses, hotels, tour operators, and travel agents. Arabian Business; Center is a DET service center and the best typing center in Dubai.

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At Arabian Business Centre, we take immense pride in being a trusted government transaction center that delivers top-notch services. As the approved center for Dubai Economy, we specialize in providing the finest economic development services in Dubai, catering to all your business needs. Whether you are a startup, an established company, or an individual, we are here to support you throughout your journey.

Our comprehensive range of services includes seamless business registrations, company incorporations, license issuances, amendments, memorandum of association, and all other necessary permits and regulatory requirements for corporates in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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This service determines the company’s legal form, economic activities, and license parties before or after trade name reservation. It serves the purpose of obtaining a commercial site lease contract and necessary approvals from authorities for related economic activities.

This service provides an official government document expressing the trade name of the project. The trade name can be reserved before or after the initial approval, and it is used in contracts and other official situations to promote the company’s products or brand.

This service allows customers to request amendments to their trade license information. The changes can include modifying partners, changing the location, manager, business activities, capital, trade name, and more. An addendum is generated to update the license in accordance with the memorandum of association.

A memorandum of agreement (MOA) serves as a formal document between two parties seeking a mutual and cooperative relationship to establish or enhance a business. For its effective execution, the consent of both parties is crucial.

It is a proactive service where the customer receives an SMS to renew his license near expiry or he can request it through the available delivery channels to ensure the continuity of legal practice. 

A local service agent, being a UAE national with no legal affiliations to companies or commercial bodies, plays a crucial role. Our online typing service is dedicated to assisting you in achieving your objectives by meticulously documenting everything according to your specific requirements.

This service allows customers to obtain an official approved document, enabling them to legally conduct business activities in the emirate. Customers can issue a memorandum of association or a service agent contract based on the specified legal form from the initial approval.

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The ultimate aim is to detect any illicit activities within the business, ensuring compliance with anti-money laundering, Know Your Customer (KYC), bribery, corruption, and terrorism financing laws.

By identifying the Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO), government bodies, regulatory authorities, and potential business partners can gain insights into the entity they are dealing with. The primary purpose of UBO regulation is to protect oneself from engaging in business with entities involved in criminal activities. Understanding the identity and operations of your business partner or client is of paramount importance in maintaining a secure and ethical business environment.

Company liquidation in Dubai refers to the process of winding up a company that is facing insolvency. During this procedure, all of the company’s assets are liquidated, and the proceeds generated are utilized to settle debts, cover expenses, and distribute any remaining surplus to the company’s owners. This comprehensive dissolution ensures the orderly conclusion of the business operations and financial obligations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To obtain a license for all activities and legal forms in the UAE, follow these steps: 1) Obtain initial approval, 2) Reserve a trade name, 3) Seek activity approvals if required, 4) Prepare the memorandum of association, 5) Arrange a service agent contract for professional licenses, and 6) Secure a tenancy contract. Compile the necessary documents and submit your application for review. Once approved, you'll receive the business license to legally operate in the UAE. Stay informed about any regulatory updates and seek professional guidance if needed.

For initial approval, the local service agent is now optional (Freehold). Provide Emirates ID and Passport copies of the manager and agent (if applicable). Obtain approvals from relevant government entities based on the activity. Board of Directors' resolution for branch and manager appointment is required. Ministry of Economy approval needed. Submit attested memorandum of association and commercial registry.

 The general trading activity covers the trade of all goods, products, and merchandise listed in the Activities Classification Guide's trade category, with the exception of items that necessitate approvals from other entities. Practicing trading with the goods listed in the guide is possible, subject to the same exception.

  1. Sole proprietorship: Owned by one person only.
  2. Limited Liability Company (LLC): Requires a minimum of 2 partners and allows a maximum of 50 partners.
  3. Civil works and Partnership Companies: Comprise 2 or more partners.
  4. Private Joint-Stock Company: Must have at least 3 founders.
  5. Public Joint-Stock Company: Offers its shares for subscription and has an unlimited number of partners.

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We prioritize customer satisfaction and are committed to delivering prompt service. You can trust us to process your transactions within the shortest possible time. Being the approved centre for Dubai Economy, we have direct access to government authorities, allowing us to expedite your applications and ensure a smooth experience.

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