The UAE offers long-term residence visas for expatriates, including the possibility to sponsor parents. Sponsoring parents in UAE involves various rules and regulations that individuals must adhere to. If you’re considering sponsoring your parents for a residency visa in UAE, here are the essential rules to ensure compliance and a smooth process.

1. Eligibility: To sponsor your parents, you typically need to be a resident in the UAE with a certain minimum income or job position. 

2. Financial Requirements: You may be required to meet specific income or salary criteria to be eligible to sponsor your parents. While the exact amount may vary, it’s usually around AED 15,000 or more, or its equivalent.

3. Housing or accommodation: You should provide suitable accommodation for your parents. It is ideal to have at least a two-bedroom apartment to accommodate the parents.

4. Visa Application: Parent visas are generally issued for one year and can be eligible for renewal. Some fees apply for visa issuance and renewal. However, individuals holding a Golden Visa can sponsor their parents for ten (10) years. As a sponsor, you must submit a visa application on their behalf, along with the required documents, which may include proof of your relationship, income, and housing.

5.Single-parent rule: If you are sponsoring one parent, you may be required to justify why you are not doing it for both. For instance, if one parent has passed away, a death certificate (attested) may be required. If they are divorced, a divorce certificate may be required.

6. Health Insurance: Health insurance coverage is mandatory for the parents you are sponsoring. The sponsor must provide valid health insurance for the parents throughout their stay.

7. Medical Tests: Some visa categories require medical tests for the sponsored parents. Sponsored parents must undergo a medical fitness test in the UAE. If the medical reports reflect certain contagious diseases, their visa application may be rejected.

8. Security Deposit: A refundable security deposit of AED 5,000 might be necessary when sponsoring parents. The amount is refundable once the sponsored individual leaves the UAE or transfers to another visa. 

9. Refund for Parent’s visa: If your parents leave the country permanently or if their visa status changes, you can approach the residency department to claim the deposit. You may seek a refund for a Parent’s visa either when the parents are outside the UAE or they possess a new valid visa.

10. Document required: The process requires the following documents :


    • Attested birth certificates proving the relationship between the sponsor and the parents.

    • Copies of parents’ passports with at least six-month validity.

    • Passport-sized photographs of the parents.

    • Proof of the sponsor’s income, such as a salary certificate or employment contract.

    • Ownership documents for accommodation (tenancy contract, etc.).

    • 3-month bank statement of the applicant.

    • Caretaking letter from the consulate.


Please check with the UAE’s General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs or consult an immigration expert for the latest and detailed information on sponsoring parents in UAE. Rules and regulations can change, and it’s essential to stay updated on the current requirements.