family visa

A sizeable number of the working population in the UAE are expats. Many of them live away from their family. For someone looking to sponsor his wife and children, the eligibility is a minimum monthly salary of AED 5000. If you require to sponsor a residence visa for your parents, your minimum monthly salary should be AED 20,000.

The following processes and documents are required for sponsoring One’s family and obtaining Visa (Dependent Visa).


  • Original Emirates ID of Sponsor
  • Passport &Visa Copy of Sponsor
  • Employment Contract sponsor copy(if from free zone, salary certificate from
  • free zone authority required)
  • Valid Ejari (House)/Title Deed Sponsor copy/NOC of the company (In Arabic)
  • 3 Months bank statement sponsor copy with IBAN number
  • Marriage Certificate attested copy in English and Arabic
  • Birth Certificate attested copy in English and Arabic
  • Passport & Photo of Applicant(Sponsored)
  • Open Sponsorship file. (Only new residents need to pay)


2. CHANGE STATUS (Only if the person is already inside the country)

  • Original Emirates ID of Sponsor
  • Passport copy of sponsored
  • Old visa of sponsored(Cancelled visa/Tourist visa/Visit visa)
  • New Entry permit of sponsored
  • IBAN number
  • After change status or Entry visa can proceed for medical & Emirates Id


3. MEDICAL (Not applicable for persons below 18 years)

  • Original passport needs at the Medical Centre.
  • Entry Permit
  • Change status
  • 2 pcs of photo with white background



  • Original passport
  • Entry Permit
  • Change status
  • Old Emirates ID
  • Mobile Number
  • PO Box
  • For child (original EID or Passport of sponsor)
  • Please advise the client if required biometric fingerprint



  • Original EID of sponsor
  • Original passport of Applicant (Sponsored)
  • Entry Permit
  • Medical Result
  • Emirates ID form with biometric if required
  • Passport& Visa copy of the sponsor
  • 3 months bank statement copy of the sponsor with IBAN number
  • Insurance:Basic Plan/Orient


An important point to note is that for the family member’s residence visa to remain valid, he/she should not be out of UAE for more than six months at a stretch. If you require further information on the process and requirements, please visit Arabian Business Centre, visa typing centre Dubai for hassle-free Amer and Tas-Heel services. For more information, check our website or call us on +043256111.