First off, Congratulations on welcoming precious little feet to your home! Whether you have had your baby or are preparing to welcome your baby soon, a Newborn Visa is mandatory in Dubai. If you feel getting a visa for your newborn will be a challenging task, let us tell you- Dubai makes registering your baby’s birth hassle-free! Registering your little one’s birth certificate and related documents is easy if you follow a step-by-step process. Dubai puts time limits on getting visas for a newborn (120 days from the date of birth). Therefore, plan for the process to have everything at your disposal when your baby arrives.

Ultimate Guide to Getting Newborn Baby Visa in Dubai 

Before the Baby 

Before you begin collecting documents, you must contact genuine hospitals and GDRFA to gather information to start the passport and visa procedures. 

Once the mother comes to know that a child is on the way, she must inform her employer as soon as possible to confirm the given maternity leaves. Most organizations in the United Arab of Emirates grant leave for a minimum of 45 days. The next step for all mothers-to-be must be to verify if their insurance covers maternity expenses. If the mom-to-be is not insured for maternity expenses, they must get an insurance card as soon as possible. The mom-to-be and her spouse must also ensure if the fine print includes expenses like coverage for C-section, elective, and otherwise.

Required Documents for Getting a Newborn Baby Visa in Dubai 

Regardless of the stage of your process, you will need a handful of documents with you. For the process, you will need original and extra copies to keep with you while going through the process. These documents are also mandatory at the hospital you have chosen for delivery.

After the Baby 

Once your child is born, the hospital does most of the part by informing the Health Authority of Dubai. The hospital enters all details online and waits for the Health Authority of Dubai to approve the paperwork. This process usually takes 24 to 48 hours. Once the Health Authority approves the documents, the birth notification document is issued to the parents. Later the immunization book is issued, which further helps the parents get a temporary healthy card for their newborn. The birth certificate can be completed 30 days after the baby is born. The parents must submit all the documents mentioned above for the birth certificate, including Birth notification details and discharge summary from the hospital. You will have to get the birth certificate attested at any Tasheel department across the UAE. The next step includes alerting your health insurance provider within 30 days of your child’s birth and issuing the child’s insurance card. Before you begin the process for the passport, some passport photos of your newborn for the residency visa and Emirates ID. UAE provides 120 days from your child’s birth to organize a passport and residency visa. For the golden visa, get an application form from a nearby Tasheel office, complete it, and submit it at GDRFA (General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs.) Open an application form at your nearest Emirates ID Authority for your newborn’s visa with all the required documents, including visa application, the newborn’s attested birth certificate, Newborn’s passport, and passport pictures.