Individuals from across the globe are attracted to the UAE’s robust economy and hospitable business climate, whether to explore investment opportunities or establish new ventures.

For such individuals, the UAE offers a distinct visa category known as the Investment Visa.

The following are the several types of investor visas available in the UAE.

Investors in UAE who purchase property valued at 2 million AED or more, can apply for a 10-year renewable residence permit or the Golden Visa. This prestigious visa extends to include spouses, children and parents as sponsored dependents, fostering a supportive environment for family unity and economic growth.

To initiate your Property Investor Golden Visa application, ensure you have the following documents prepared:

  1. Passport: Valid passport with a minimum validity of six months.
  2. Title Deed: An e-Certificate of Title or Title Deed confirming ownership of property valued at 2 million AED or more.
  3. Personal Photo: Recent passport-sized photograph meeting Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship standards.
  4. UAE ID: If applicable, a copy of the current UAE residence permit.
  5. Bank Letter (if property is mortgaged): For mortgaged properties, include a bank letter indicating no objection to issuing a residence permit, along with details of the paid amount and outstanding balance.
  6. Statement of Account from developer – for Off plan properties.
For the investor:
Family residence:
Parents residence:

To qualify for the Golden Visa with off-plan properties valued at AED 2 million, a minimum of 50% construction completion is required.

If an investor sells the property for which they obtained a Golden Visa, the visa will be revoked. However, investors have the option to maintain their Golden Visa by transferring it to a new property valued at least AED 2 million before selling the original property. This ensures continuous compliance with the investment requirement.

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