After the civil registration of marriage, the government department will issue a legal document called a marriage certificate that is of immense importance across the world. It is mandatory to submit on several situations such as during application procedures of immigration as a part of visa documents.

In all the countries if the married couple is applying for a visa, they have to submit the marriage certificate translated into the official language of the country as it is required to prove the genuine relationship of married couples who are applying for family visa. The translation service providers can translate the marriage certificate in a very proficient and professional way which will be acceptable by the immigration department.

As per the new rule in Dubai, it is now mandatory to submit marriage certificate translated to Arabic as a supportive document of family visa application. Documents in English are no longer acceptable in Dubai now.

Translation of Marriage certificates requires a high level of accuracy and reliability. Visa applicants should have all the required documents translated to Arabic by a legal translator while submitting a family visa application.

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